Maria Rodés




The paths that multifaceted artist MARIA RODÉS walk on are hard to track but pleasant to discover. If, as the poet said, one is the size of that one sees, RODÉS is huge and so she presents herself to those willing to see her: a clear and constraint-free look. Running away from the establishment, away from gender, time and border yokes, MARIA RODÉS explores different genres and elevates them to an yet to be known context. The artist remains solid on her ground away from academicism and regenerationism, fearlessly making use of genres that might have been stigmatized.


Four years after her personal appropriation of traditional Spanish songs with the album Maria Canta Copla (Chesapik, 2014) and after the release of her book Duermevela (Alpha Decay, 2015), RODÉS revisits her singer-songwriter dimension with her last album. Eclíptica is a conceptual record inspired by one of her ancestors, the astronomer Lluis Rodés – director of a Spanish observatory during the Spanish Civil War. Amazed by the writings on her great grandfather’s diary, MARIA brings together folklore, sound experimentation and intimate music to start us up on an endless spiritual journey in search of the sun, love or a quiet night. “There is a crater on the moon with your name”, her father told her. This sentence fascinated MARIA all her life and pushed her into pursuing her own trail.


Far from being done with her personal exploration of music genres, MARIA keeps reinventing folk songs from faraway countries such as Cuba, Mexico or Venezuela. Some of these lands are places that she experienced herself – others she just fantasize to get lost in.  From her last expeditions MARIA brings back up Cuban boleros, Mexican rancheras and Venezuelan tonadas that she adapts to her personal prism.


Along with these works, MARIA RODÉS is working on a new live project, Lilith, inspired by the universe of witches and their connotations over centuries.  This piece will be premiered in a very special concert at Museo Nacional del Prado, Madrid, at the black Goya room.


«If you are a woman and dare to look within yourself, you are a Witch. Make your own rules. You are free and beautiful. You can be visible or invisible about how you choose to show your witch face.» (W.I.T.C.H, 2007).




“Eclíptica is a delicate album, full of sound nuances and experimentation. (..) Maria’s voice is capable of cradling or energizing you at her own will.”



“Maria Rodés is an artist that seems to inhabit a different dimension, with an opulent sonority, a melodic refinement and a slightly dragged voice, placid and beautiful.”



“Music forged in the firmament.”




Serie B

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