BFLECHA sets he headquarters in a dimension where electronic music, contemporary r&b and the new Atlanta sound conjure up. The Spanish producer sends coordinates full of visual proposals that immerse us in polyhedral universes with high synth voltage and a discourse deeply rooted in the 2019 woman.


With a vocal trajectory through various registers, BFLECHA presents futurist motifs that open new communication channels for apparently unconnected planets. A sound ziggurat based on urban music, pop and traditional music.


BFLECHA’s upcoming album, scheduled for the end of 2019, will explore the boundaries between the physical and virtual person in hyperconnected times.


Traditional instruments such as bagpipes or organic percussion collide with digital textures and simulations of virtual environments, emphasizing the dialectic between the human and the machine, a metaphysics of contemporary man in search of the self in the fourth industrial revolution




“BFlecha’s universe feels like an arcade game where you are allowed to switch players between pop, R&B, Contemporary hiphop and even traditional music.”



“BFlecha is one of Spain’s most interesting producers.”



“Kwalia goes above and beyond its pop-context expectations: it travels through a brave, synthesized r&b veil.”





Serie B

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